About Us

Our events are platforms for innovation, inspiring new ideas that our teams translate into subtly delightful experiences.
We’re a boutique company with the flexibility and resources to blend operational excellence with creative freedom.

We blend fresh, local ingredients with the eclectic flavors of Bay Area’s diverse food culture.

Our dishes showcase a spectrum from rustic farm-to-table freshness, New York bistro sophistication, Singapore’s vibrant zest, to the rich aromas of Indian and Asian cuisines, all crafted with playful elegance to reflect our multicultural community.

The culinary partner you can count on

Tailored To Your Needs

At Kanteen, our owner-run approach means we’re right there in the thick of things. This hands-on style lets us quickly adapt to your needs, ensuring you get the personal attention, right when you need it.

We understand every host and event is unique, and we’re all about making sure your vision comes to life. It’s all about crafting those perfect moments, without any fuss.

Perfected For Every Palate

Our gourmet cuisine repertoire is vast and varied, designed to cater to every taste and dietary preference.

Expert chefs, craft each dish with precision in our impeccably hygienic kitchens. Whether it’s vegan, gluten-free, or a fusion of cuisines, we tailor our dishes not only satisfy but also impress every palate.

Geared For Every Celebration

We’ve got your celebrations covered, no matter the style or size. Elegant dinners, lively birthday parties, or buzzing product launches – we’re all about versatility. Our team is ready to whip up everything from classy plated meals to fun food stations and even custom-packed lunch boxes.

We’re here to make every event, big or small, a culinary hit. Think of us as your go-to for turning any gathering into a feast to remember.

Exceptional Support At Every Stage

Our service goes beyond just catering; it’s about providing dedicated, dependable support every step of the way. From the initial concept to the final culinary flourish, our team is geared to cater to your every need with confidence.